Thank you for your kind words

… Dr Wende is is highly professional; I can definitely recognise her years of experience…

Dr. Shai Paz 2021

Dr. Paz in an excellent, open-minded and experienced orthopedic surgeon who works in Macabi Health Services.


I had pain in my left shoulder for several years. After a few treatments I was pain-free for 4 years, until last week when I returned to her.

Zion, 2021

Zion had a parietal tear of one of his tendons which was treated in the clinic. After a few treatments, ultrasound scanned showed that the tear had healed almost completely.

… Dr Wende is professional, right on target. … she does things that not every doctor is prepared to do …
Therefore, I appreciate her very much …

O.S. 2020

This man has been my patient for the last 10 years and presented with many chronic pain issues. Some of these problems were resolved but others still require constant attention and ongoing treatments.

I am extremely grateful to Dr Wende…

L.S. 2020

I have been treating this patient with chronic localized neuropathic  pain over the last 18 months. The treatments have given her lasting relief till now, for which she is very grateful. 

She does everything that she can do for me without giving up…

Rabbi David Shapira 2020

I have been treating this patient who has multiple chronic pain pathologies for several years. 

She really listens and opens up her heart to me … 

MV 2020

This patient had chronic neuropathic pain in the leg which 
which was unresponsive to other treatments. 
He started to feel tremendously better after 2 treatments.

I fractured my C1 vertebra and suffered much pain, though with her treatments, I am improving gradually.

N.N. 2020

N.N. suffered from a fractured C1 vertebra in the neck suffering from constant, severe pain which impaired his quality of life significantly. After receiving about 4-5 treatment sessions, his pain improved gradually and he is back to almost complete function

Even in my most difficult situations when I have severe pain, you’re always helping me, no matter what…

L.C. 2020

L.C suffered from 2 accidents, and consequent various types of chronic pain. Following treatments, he did manage to go back to school, complete his exams, start muscle training with weights and begin working. 

M.Y is a young man who suffered from a car accident and subsequent low back pain. After treatment, his pain dropped significantly, he began to function much better and is in much better spirits.

Dear Dr. Osnat Wende
Many thanks and appreciation. Thank you for your professional support given with a warm heart all along the way.
Always looking for the good and beautiful in things of any worth and in difficult moments you do not let one fall
only encourage to gather strength and to continue working.
Your ways are to help people to find their inner strength
to lift themselves.
May G-d, who is so good give you double reward for all your hard work.
Wishing you many more years, in happiness and calm
that you should merit to heal patients.
E.A. 2020
E.A. is a regular patient of mine who has seen me in Hadassah Ein Kerem pain clinic with various chronic pain conditions. 
She has found tremendous relief for the treatment of her knee arthritis, and her shoulder pain. 
She will not receive treatment from anyone else without consulting me.

Thank you so much for rescuing me from such severe pain.
Monique, 2016

Monique is a 46 year old lady who worked as a baker and suffered severe low back pain radiating down the left thigh and leg for 12 months and relied on a walking stick. She had prolotherapy treatments and was very happy with the improvement in her function and was able to walk without a stick. Each and every time she came for treatment she brought with her a self-made cheese cake (that my husband enjoyed very much). 

G-d willing there should be many more doctors like her in your clinic of which you (Dr Davidson) are the head.
V.Z. 2015

A 67 year old lady with recurrent low back pain which was treated by various invasive techniques under X-ray in other hospitals, all of which gave her no relief at all. She improved tremendously after I treated her neck, lower back and shoulder with a combination of prolotherapy and dry needling.

I wanted to thank with all my heart the pain clinic and particularly Dr Wende that after 2 treatments I already feel tremendous relief of my shoulder pain and function and this was also told to me by the physiotherapy department. I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that now I may not need an operation.
A.E. 2013

56 year old lady with a complete tear of her rotator cuff tendon in the left shoulder, suffering from pain for a year. She was told that at her age she must have an operation to repair the tear. After a single treatment of prolotherapy and dry needling her range of motion improved from 10 degrees to 160 degrees in abduction/ flexion. After two treatments she felt tremendous improvement. At this stage the orthopedic surgeon actually admitted that she did not really require an operation.

She [Dr Wende] has the ability to solve difficult problems so easily and and with so much calm and rare patience, with assertiveness with the rare perseverance to solve the problem.
D.L. 2013

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