Thank you for your kind words and appreciation

I highly recommend Dr. Osnat Wende 

I wanted to recommend Dr. Osnat. I came here broken. I had a knee problem, back problem, neck problem. She fixed me up. I’m like new. She did really thorough , gentle treatments. I wanted to say THANK YOU. ….. Highly recommended.

Hanan, December, 2023

Dear Dr Osnat Wende

I don’t know where to start…..

To the champion doctor who saved me and was always there for me and gave the answer. No matter what situation I was in, you were always by my side the whole way. I wanted to thank you personally.

Osnat, you met me when I was 15 years old, when I was diagnosed with CRPS regional pain syndrome (one of the most difficult syndromes with burning stabbing pains and pain that cannot be explained).
In the last 7 years I received treatment from you at a pain clinic and you treated me with various treatments that helped relieve the pain. There was even a time when the pain subsided enough that I was able, thanks to you, to take off the crutches and return to my daily routine.
I want to thank you for the personality and patience you gave me; When I needed I got an answer.
I always left after a treatment with the feeling that you are in good hands.
Doctor Wende, I would like to thank you and good luck in the new place
And with God’s help, may you succeed in everything you do.
I recommend to everyone who comes that she is the best pain doctor there is.

Best regards,

Lior, June, 2023

I worked with Dr. Wende for about 8 years at the pain clinic in Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Dr. Wende is a professional doctor and an excellent colleague.

Dr. Wende provides personal and professional treatment to each patient and finds unique solutions for each patient. The patients longed for appointments with Dr. Wende both because of the personal and professional attitude.
Dr. Wende was an excellent colleague, always contributing to a positive atmosphere among the team and always adding professional knowledge to the team in the fields of her various and special injections.

Meshi, June, 2023

I want to thank Dr Osnat Wende for everything she does for us (me and my husband). She really works wonders.

I was treated for years in a pain clinic (in another hospital). I got injections under fluroscopy but they never helped at all. Since I’ve been with Dr. Wende, the treatment she does helps me a lot, and I have some peace of sleep at night. Dr. Wende also addressed the problem of lack of vitamin B12, she gave me a recommendation for supplements. It really works. Her injections work like a miracle. Not to mention the person who always brightens her face and is very receptive, always greeting with a beautiful welcome. She tries to do everything to ease people’s pain. I came to her with terrible pain, and slowly from treatment to treatment, the situation is getting better. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


She is a trailblazer in the field of pain medicine, taking a holistic approach that sets an example for other physicians to emulate

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr Wende for the past year, during which I had the opportunity to learn from her expertise through a course abroad. Her extensive knowledge, vast experience, and warm personality position her as a prominent figure in the field of pain management. Working alongside her at her private clinic, I witnessed firsthand how she compassionately deals with patients who arrive in a state of hopelessness after being let down by numerous other doctors. Dr Wende serves as the safety net, adeptly handling cases that have stumped other physicians. Her exceptional bedside manner and unique approach to medicine provide these patients with much-needed solutions to their pain, instilling a renewed sense of hope and optimism. She is a trailblazer in the field of pain medicine, taking a holistic approach that sets an example for other physicians to emulate. Dr Wende not only serves as a role model and mentor, but she is also a constant source of inspiration. Her genuine passion for her work and unwavering dedication to her patients are truly commendable.

Dr Paul Demby,  Orthopedic Surgeon, July, 2023