About the Clinic

What to expect from your visit?

  • To get a diagnosis for various causes of pain, in most cases.
  • To start a treatment suitable for my complaint.
  • To receive guidance, if appropriate, to perform exercises that suit me.
  • To receive guidance on correct posture and proper ergonomics at home and at work.


The emphasis in every visit to Dr. Wende’s clinic is on the clinical assessment, which is especially important. In many cases, there are certain findings in the imaging of patients that are not related to the patient’s condition at all, while even in MRI scans (which are more reliable and considered the gold standard in imaging), the findings are correctly estimated in only 75% of cases. For example, in 40% of older patients undergoing imaging, various findings in discs are found, and the numbers reach 100% by the age of 70, in most cases they are without any complaint and there is no need to refer to these findings. Many of them function excellently and have never complained of pain. Therefore, the correct order is to perform a particularly fundamental clinical assessment, including the impact on function, and only then, if necessary, order an imaging test.


The clinical examination includes a basic orthopedic and neurological examination, as well as an assessment of movement and function. For example, a patient complaining of shoulder pain will undergo a basic examination of the shoulder, upper back, and neck. A person with back pain will undergo an examination of the upper and lower back, examination of the calf ligaments, and a neurological examination. The purpose of the clinical examination is not only to assess where the pain comes from but to assess the functional impairment of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In many cases, imbalances between these tissues lead to postural and mobility impairments, thus causing pain. To achieve good long-term results and to prevent the recurrence of complaints, we need to treat these factors and not just the point problem.


In Dr. Wende’s clinic, the treatment focuses on strengthening the body so that its healing mechanisms can successfully cope with the injury.

The human body is blessed with a whole pharmacological arsenal that knows how to cope with injuries. In a large part of the injuries, you can use the body’s healing ability and there is no need for cortisone or various drugs. This is especially true when it comes to injuries or musculoskeletal defects. Various back and neck pain syndromes that radiate to arms or legs, knee pain, and ankle can be healed by the body itself. All you need to do is give the right push in the right direction. If there is no improvement with exercises and ergonomic improvement, regenerative medicine can help the body start this healing process.


During each treatment in Dr. Wende’s clinic, including the first treatment, the patient will receive treatment aimed at the cause of the pain and impairment and not just the pain caused directly or indirectly by it.

Treatments Offered

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

Stem Cell Injection

Treatment of Localised Neuropathic Pain


Epidural injections and Nerve blocks

Dry Needling

Sources of Pain

Sources of pain

Pain from Tendons and Ligaments

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Neuropathic Pain

פריצת דיסק

Disc prolapse

Pain Radiating from Muscle