Dr Osnat Wende Pain Physician
Dr Wende is a graduate in pain management from Hadassah Hospital. Presently she works in the Assuta and Briuta Medical Centers in Jerusalem, focusing on the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. In order to achieve good long-term results, she bases her methodical and cutting-edge treatment on a systematic and thorough clinical evaluation
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Entrapped nerves
Have you ever had an operation and consequently suffered from severe, permanent, burning and intolerable pain around the operative site? The chances are that a nerve is entrapped in scar tissue. Hydrodissection with very simple injectates or even PRP performed under ultrasound may potentially relieve that pain and improve your lifestyle.
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The clinic tailors a variety of various treaments to suit many of your specific ailments. Moreover, a combination of treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma, prolotherapy and dry needling are likely to further improve results, especially if multiple pathologies co-exist.

הזרקת טסיות דם

הזרקת פלזמה עשירה בטסיות דם

הזרקת תאי גזע

הזרקת שומן

שחרור עצבים כלואים/ חסימות עצב

יעוץ תרגול וארגונומי

Sources of Pain

Do you suffer from persistent pain that does not respond to any treatment despite repeated visits to the best doctors? Multiple pathologies in joints, tendons and ligaments can co-exist and each one can perpetuate pain. Furthermore, not all pathologies can be identified on imaging. 

A treatment that will yield good long term results must be based on a systematic  and methodical clinical evaluation.

Pain from Tendons and Ligaments

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Neuropathic Pain

פריצת דיסק

Disc prolapse

Pain Radiating from Muscle

Chronic Pain

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Why is Dr Wende's Clinic so special?

Personal Approach

The visit centers around YOU (and not the imaging results). You undergo a very systematic clinical evaluation. Usually, treatment is started already during the first visit and continued during subsequent visits.

Systematic Clinical Evaluation

Since several factors contribute to chronic pain, the attending physician must perform a very thorough and systematic clinical evaluation to diagnose these sources. It is not enough to evaluate the painful region, but also the nearby structures and joints, because these biomechanical compensations take place and eventually become pain generators themselves.

Varied Treatments

Different pathologies often require different treatments. Because multiple pathologies can co-exist, it is often wise to implement various treatments to maximise therapeutic results, and sometimes even in the same treatment session. There is a large selection in the toolbox for treating a variety of problems.

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Dr Wende Regenerative Pain Clinic

44 HaHoshen Boulevard., Mevaseret Zion
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Pain Clinic at Assuta Medical Center
216 Jaffa St, Jerusalem
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