About the Clinic

Examining the neck

What can I expect during my visit?

  • To undergo a very thorough clinical examination
  • In most cases Dr Wende should reach a specific diagnosis of the contributing factors to my pain
  • Start treatment tailored to my individual complaint
  • If relevant, be recommended exercises that are specific for me in order to prevent relapse of pain
  • To be taught ways to improve posture, gait or ergonomic issues

The emphasis during your first visit to the clinic is given to the clinical evaluation. The clinical evaluation is extremely important; usually much more so than imaging scans. In many cases patients can have findings from CT and MRI scans that don’t match their symptoms. In fact, CT and MRI scans on a random healthy population would show that 40% have disc lesions, whether they are in pain or not and this increases up to 100% as one reaches the age of 70! Many people have findings on imaging that are totally irrelevant to their lives. So, the correct order is firstly to make a clinical evaluation, decide how the patient’s function is affected, and only then to optionally order any scan such as X-ray or CT. The clinical evaluation includes a general orthopedic and neurological examination, as well as assessing movement and function. A patient who complains of shoulder pain will have a thorough shoulder, upper back and neck examination. One with back pain will have a lower and upper back examination, as well as that of the pelvic ligaments and a neurological examination. The purpose of the clinical examination is to assess not only where the pain is coming from, but to assess dysfunction of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. In many cases there is a degree of imbalance between these, leading to pathological posture and biomechanics during movement. In order to achieve longer lasting treatment results, one must treat these contributing factors to prevent recurrence of the problem.

What should I bring with me?

Any test results including imaging reports and actual scans (X-Ray, MRI etc) that you may have.

Please do not have scans performed specifically for your visit to me unless I direct you.